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Surgical Style Washable & Reusable Face Masks

  • Proper use of a face mask by the general public is an essential practice for disease containment and helps prevent contagious individuals from spreading disease to other individuals and groups of individuals in public and work settings.
  • Considering the fact that anyone can be unknowingly highly contagious before showing symptoms (“presymptomatic”) or without showing symptoms at all (“asymptomatic”) you should wear a face mask for the protection of others around you. Wearing is caring.
  • Wearing a fabric mask instead of a medical grade mask diverts public demand for precious medical grade masks - like N95 masks - which should be reserved exclusively for medical personnel and first responders on the front lines.
  • Wearing a fabric mask serves as a reminder to keep your hands off your face.
  • Wearing a fabric mask signals to others around you that you take this crisis seriously, and they should too.
  • If everyone wears a mask, we all help keep germs off of public surfaces, thereby furthering the containment effort.
WEARING A FACE MASK OF ANY KIND IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR OTHER PRECAUTIONS, such as physical distancing, washing your hands, and keeping your hands off your face.